"GitHub Services" Feature Deprecation: What to Expect

As we have mentioned in previous posts, the "GitHub Services" feature will be deprecated this Thursday, January 31st, 2019. Here is what you can expect regarding "GitHub Services" going forward:

  • GitHub will cut off all service hook deliveries. There will be no exceptions or extensions. If you still have service hooks configured for your repositories, we highly suggest migrating them to webhooks or GitHub Apps. Please see our "Replacing GitHub Services" guide for more information on how to do that.
  • The github/github-services repository will be archived and no more contributions to the services will be accepted.
  • You will no longer be able to modify service hook configurations through the GitHub settings UI or the repository hooks API. This change will affect the following endpoints for service hooks only:
  • You will still be able to view and remove service hooks through the GitHub settings UI and API until April 1st, 2019. After that date, we will be removing all service hook records.
  • Updated 01-30-19: Email service hooks have been migrated to a new repository notifications feature. Management of those notifications can be found in the repository settings UI only. There are no necessary actions to be taken to enable this new feature, and there should be no interruption of service for email deliveries. See "About email notifications for pushes to your repository" in the GitHub Help documentation to learn how to configure commit email notifications. Email notifications for pushes to your repository will be available in GitHub Enterprise Server 2.17 and higher.

Note: The "GitHub Services" feature has a different deprecation timeline for GitHub Enterprise. Please see our deprecation timeline for more information.

Please contact us if you have any questions!