Building apps

Apps on GitHub allow you to automate and improve your workflow. You can build apps to improve your workflow. You can also share or sell apps in GitHub Marketplace. To learn how to list an app on GitHub Marketplace, see "Getting started with GitHub Marketplace."

GitHub Apps are the officially recommended way to integrate with GitHub because they offer much more granular permissions to access data, but GitHub supports both OAuth Apps and GitHub Apps. For information on choosing a type of app, see "About apps" and "Differences between apps."

If you are using your app with GitHub Actions, GitHub imposes restrictions on how apps can edit GitHub Actions workflow files to help keep your repository secure. For more information, see "Managing workflows."

For a walkthrough of the process of building a GitHub App, see "Building Your First GitHub App."

Requesting support

For questions, bug reports, and discussions about GitHub Apps, OAuth Apps, and API development, explore the GitHub API Development and Support Forum. The forum is moderated and maintained by GitHub staff, but questions posted to the forum are not guaranteed to receive a reply from GitHub staff.

Consider reaching out to GitHub Support directly using the contact form for:

  • guaranteed response from GitHub staff
  • support requests involving sensitive data or private concerns
  • feature requests
  • feedback about GitHub products