More check annotations are now shown on the "Files changed" tab

In May of 2018, we announced the Checks API, which added many new capabilities for running checks on code. One of those new capabilities were check annotations, which let apps annotate specific lines of code as part of a check run.


Check annotations point directly to those lines where a test failure or a lint error occurred, and they empower users to fix any kind of errors or warnings quickly so they can move forward with their pull requests.


Today we're making check annotations even more powerful by bringing more of them to where you're already looking: the "Files changed" tab. Checks annotations created on lines or files that were not modified as part of a pull request will now be prominently displayed alongside the diff.

Internal testing has proven that surfacing unchanged files with check annotations has been especially beneficial to our workflows, because test failures can often happen on files that weren't modified as part of a pull request.

Click here to see it in action!

The best part? The API for creating check annotations has not changed. If you're already creating annotations on files or lines outside of the diff, then there's no need to modify any code to use this improvement.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.