Improvements to the Deployment Statuses API

We are announcing a preview period with expanded functionality for the Deployments API.

Set deployment status environment

You can now update the environment of a deployment by passing the environment parameter when creating a deployment status. If an environment is not passed, the current deployment environment is used. The default environment is production.

New deployment status states

The state parameter now accepts two new states for a deployment status: in_progress and queued.

Auto-inactive status now available in production

The auto_inactive parameter allows you to automatically add a new inactive status to all prior non-transient deployments with the same repository and environment name as the created status's deployment. An inactive status is only added to deployments that have a success state. By default, auto_inactive is enabled.

Before this preview period, auto_inactive was not available in the production environment.

Preview period

To access this expanded functionality during the preview period, you must provide a custom media type in the Accept header:


During the preview period, we may change aspects of these API parameters based on developer feedback. If we do, we will announce the changes here on the developer blog, but we will not provide any advance notice.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!