Preview more complete workflows for Issues in GraphQL

We're releasing a more exhaustive Issue API in GraphQL that enables you to interact with issues in a more complete workflow like: creating issues, assigning users to an issue, or even filtering for issues already assigned.

For a more complete list of new objects and mutations made available during this preview please refer to the GraphQL docs.

To access this new API during the preview period, you must provide a custom media type in the Accept header:


Note: GraphQL APIs under preview cannot be accessed via the GraphQL Explorer at this time.

During the preview period, we may change aspects of these APIs based on developer feedback. If we do, we will announce the changes here on the developer blog, but we will not provide any advance notice.

If you have any questions or feedback of other interactions you might like for issues, please let us know! We will soon be releasing a more exhaustive Pull Request API in GraphQL. Stay tuned.