Introducing new ways to build on your workflow

Whether you’re a team of 2 or 20,000, there's an app to simplify your work on GitHub Marketplace. Last week, we launched 2 new apps in the Marketplace that will make it easier to automate dependency updates and review code.

Code review

CodeFactor is a simple to use, automated Code Review service built by developers for developers. Setup with GitHub in seconds, to save time on code reviews and easily create issues directly from CodeFactor. Streamline your code review process and create actionable reports.

Dependency Management

Renovate brings automatic Javascript dependency updates to your workflow and supports npm, Yarn, Meteor, Docker or Bazel. It comes ready to go with a smart default configuration but provides a flexible configuration framework including scheduling and rules-based auto-merging to guide the updates you want to see in your repositories.

Ready to try out these new additions? See how they can help your team work better or discover even more tools in GitHub Marketplace.