GitHub Apps and Reactions for Team Discussions

Today we added new endpoints to the Reactions API preview that allow you to interact with reactions to team discussions and their comments. You can access these endpoints during the preview period by providing custom media types in the Accept header:

application/vnd.github.squirrel-girl-preview+json, application/vnd.github.echo-preview+json

Over the course of the preview period we may change aspects of the API based on developer feedback. If we do, we will not provide any advance notice of the changes, but we will announce them here on the developer blog.

[Updated 04-20-18] OAuth access tokens now require the write:discussion scope when creating a reaction to a discussion, creating a reaction to a comment, or deleting a reaction.

New REST API endpoints

We've also enabled GitHub Apps for all endpoints related to team discussions. The endpoints listed below are available for both server-to-server and user-to-server requests.

Recently enabled REST API endpoints for GitHub Apps

We hope these changes help you build better integrations! If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.