Introducing new ways to build with GitHub Enterprise 2.12

Yesterday, we released GitHub Enterprise 2.12. This release includes a few updates relevant to the platform community including GitHub Apps, global webhooks, GitHub Enterprise version information in API responses, and new and improved documentation.

GitHub Apps compatibility

GitHub Apps is now enabled in early access for GitHub Enterprise 2.12. This means GitHub Apps can be created and installed on the GitHub Enterprise instance. We’re still customizing the GitHub Apps experience for the unique needs of an on-premise environment—hence the “early access”—and we’d appreciate your feedback along the way.

Global webhooks

In addition to Organization and Repository-specific webhooks, teams can now configure webhooks that are global to the entire instance of GitHub Enterprise. Global webhooks give administrators the ability to configure notifications for account creation and deletion, as well as membership changes. These events are also available to integrators, adding depth to any administrative features your integration offers. Check out help or the API documentation for more details.

Adding GitHub Enterprise version info to API responses

GitHub Enterprise 2.12 also returns the GitHub Enterprise version via the Meta API and response headers for all REST API endpoints.

Check out updated documentation

As part of the GitHub Apps release, you'll find refreshed documentation:

We can’t wait to see what you’ll build with these new features. Learn more on the release blog.

If you have any questions about GitHub Apps, or want to collaborate with other integrators, check out the Platform Forum.