Helium and GitHub partner to streamline connected hardware development

Mark Phillips is Helium's Director of Customer Success.

In the coming weeks, we're excited to make it easier for IoT developers to prototype and ship connected devices as part of our new partnership with GitHub, and the GitHub Developer Program.

This means two things for the GitHub community:

  1. You can look forward to us integrating several parts of the Helium platform and features with the GitHub API, so you'll have a smoother experience when building IoT hardware and sensors.

  2. Starting today, all GitHub Developer Program members can access discounts on Helium products, cloud services, and ongoing support to get started.

Why Helium and GitHub?

Hardware and IoT developers already use GitHub as a core part of their workflows. Arduino and Raspberry Pi are a couple of hardware platforms that use GitHub for their open source development and community building. Similarly, the Helium Team depends on GitHub for our growing suite of open source IoT development tools.

We firmly believe that Helium, and our combination of hardware and software, is the best way for developers to protoype and deploy connected, secure hardware products. Now we're going to make it even better by removing as much friction as possible for GitHub users who are building applications with a wireless component. Our partnership will make it easier for you to access IoT development services and move faster when you're prototyping.

Helium and GitHub integration roadmap

Our current integration roadmap currently has two components, and it will likely expand as we collect your feedback.

GitHub authentication for the Helium Dashboard

We'll deliver the ability to create accounts and log in to the Helium Dashboard using your existing GitHub account. We'll also make it possible to automatically mirror your GitHub Team structure within the Helium Dashboard.

git push to deploy device configurations updates over the air

Few platforms make it possible to deploy configuration or complete software updates over the air to connected sensors. We'll offer developers the ability to git push updates to a target repository that will then kick off an OTA deployment to devices deployed in the field.

Helium for GitHub Developer Program members

To help Developer Program members get started, we're offering all of these discounts on Helium products:

Just use code HELIUM-AND-GITHUB-4-IOT during checkout.

All current members of the GitHub Developer Program received an email with details about how to buy Helium products with these discounts. If you're not yet a member of the GitHub Developer Program, you can apply here.

We can't wait to see what you build with GitHub and Helium. If you have any questions about our partnership or products, find us in the Helium Community Slack, post a message on the Helium Developer Forum, or send me a note.