Upcoming routing changes for GitHub Apps (formerly Integrations)

Two months ago marked the general release of GitHub Apps. Originally, GitHub Apps were named Integrations; as this new functionality is the preferred way to extend GitHub, we've renamed it GitHub Apps. In addition to the already announced deprecation of the Integrations API, we are announcing routing changes that will affect URLs on GitHub.com.

Currently, all URLs that reference "integration" or "integrations" redirect so that they instead reference "apps". For example, the link to install an App named Super CI would redirect from https://github.com/integrations/super-ci/installations/new to https://github.com/apps/super-ci/installations/new.

On November 22nd, URLs that reference "integration" or "integrations" will be removed entirely and this redirection will cease to function, resulting in 404s. Please update your URLs accordingly and if you have any questions, get in touch.