Gist comment URIs

The URIs of all gist comments are changing immediately. The new URI pattern for gist comments is /gists/{gist-id}/comments/{id}. (See gist comments section of the docs for more details.) This change is necessary because the auto-incremented ids of gist comments are easy to guess. This predictability allows anyone to view comments on private Gists with relative ease. Obviously, comments on private gists should be just as private as the gist itself.

Adding the gist id to the URI of comments makes it impossible, in practical terms, to guess that URI because the id of private gists are very large random numbers. This is, unfortunately, a breaking change but one that cannot be avoided because of the security implications of the current URIs. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We have also added a comments_url member to the Gist documents. The comments_url link provides access to the comments of a Gist in a way that will insulate clients from changes in the URI patterns used by the GitHub API. We are increasing our use of links in order to make changes such as this one less damaging to clients. We strongly encourage using url and *_url properties, where possible, rather than constructing URIs using the patterns published on this site. Doing so will result in clients that break less often.