Represents a Milestone object on a given repository.



issues (IssueConnection!)

A list of issues associated with the milestone.

Argument Type Description
after String

Returns the elements in the list that come after the specified global ID.

before String

Returns the elements in the list that come before the specified global ID.

first Int

Returns the first n elements from the list.

labels [String!]

A list of label names to filter the pull requests by.

last Int

Returns the last n elements from the list.

orderBy IssueOrder

Ordering options for issues returned from the connection.

states [IssueState!]

A list of states to filter the issues by.


creator (Actor)

Identifies the actor who created the milestone.

description (String)

Identifies the description of the milestone.

dueOn (DateTime)

Identifies the due date of the milestone.

id (ID!)
number (Int!)

Identifies the number of the milestone.

repository (Repository!)

The repository associated with this milestone.

resourcePath (URI!)

The HTTP path for this milestone

state (MilestoneState!)

Identifies the state of the milestone.

title (String!)

Identifies the title of the milestone.

url (URI!)

The HTTP URL for this milestone