A GitHub Security Advisory



vulnerabilities (SecurityVulnerabilityConnection!)

Vulnerabilities associated with this Advisory

Argument Type Description
after String

Returns the elements in the list that come after the specified cursor.

before String

Returns the elements in the list that come before the specified cursor.

ecosystem SecurityAdvisoryEcosystem

An ecosystem to filter vulnerabilities by.

first Int

Returns the first n elements from the list.

last Int

Returns the last n elements from the list.

orderBy SecurityVulnerabilityOrder

Ordering options for the returned topics.

The default value is {"field"=>"UPDATED_AT", "direction"=>"DESC"}.

package String

A package name to filter vulnerabilities by.

severities [SecurityAdvisorySeverity!]

A list of severities to filter vulnerabilities by.


databaseId (Int)

Identifies the primary key from the database.

description (String!)

This is a long plaintext description of the advisory

ghsaId (String!)

The GitHub Security Advisory ID

id (ID!)
identifiers ([SecurityAdvisoryIdentifier!]!)

A list of identifiers for this advisory

origin (String!)

The organization that originated the advisory

permalink (URI)

The permalink for the advisory

publishedAt (DateTime!)

When the advisory was published

references ([SecurityAdvisoryReference!]!)

A list of references for this advisory

severity (SecurityAdvisorySeverity!)

The severity of the advisory

summary (String!)

A short plaintext summary of the advisory

updatedAt (DateTime!)

When the advisory was last updated

withdrawnAt (DateTime)

When the advisory was withdrawn, if it has been withdrawn