Represents a 'referenced' event on a given ReferencedSubject.



actor (Actor)

Identifies the actor who performed the event.

commit (Commit)

Identifies the commit associated with the 'referenced' event.

commitRepository (Repository!)

Identifies the repository associated with the 'referenced' event.

createdAt (DateTime!)

Identifies the date and time when the object was created.

id (ID!)
isCrossReference (Boolean!)
Deprecation notice

isCrossReference will be renamed. Use ReferencedEvent.isCrossRepository instead. Removal on 2018-07-01 UTC.

Reference originated in a different repository.

isCrossRepository (Boolean!)

Reference originated in a different repository.

isDirectReference (Boolean!)

Checks if the commit message itself references the subject. Can be false in the case of a commit comment reference.

subject (ReferencedSubject!)

Object referenced by event.