A card in a project.



column (ProjectColumn)

The project column this card is associated under. A card may only belong to one project column at a time. The column field will be null if the card is created in a pending state and has yet to be associated with a column. Once cards are associated with a column, they will not become pending in the future.

content (ProjectCardItem)

The card content item

createdAt (DateTime!)

Identifies the date and time when the object was created.

creator (Actor)

The actor who created this card

databaseId (Int)

Identifies the primary key from the database.

id (ID!)
note (String)

The card note

project (Project!)

The project that contains this card.

projectColumn (ProjectColumn!)
Deprecation notice

The associated column may be null if the card is in a pending state. Use ProjectCard.column instead. Removal on 2018-07-01 UTC.

The column that contains this card.

resourcePath (URI!)

The HTTP path for this card

state (ProjectCardState)

The state of ProjectCard

updatedAt (DateTime!)

Identifies the date and time when the object was last updated.

url (URI!)

The HTTP URL for this card