Audit log entry for a org.update_member_repository_creation_permission event.



action (String!)

The action name

actor (AuditEntryActor)

The user who initiated the action

actorIp (String)

The IP address of the actor

actorLocation (ActorLocation)

A readable representation of the actor's location

actorLogin (String)

The username of the user who initiated the action

actorResourcePath (URI)

The HTTP path for the actor.

actorUrl (URI)

The HTTP URL for the actor.

canCreateRepositories (Boolean)

Can members create repositories in the organization.

createdAt (PreciseDateTime!)

The time the action was initiated

id (ID!)
operationType (OperationType)

The corresponding operation type for the action

organization (Organization)

The Organization associated with the Audit Entry.

organizationName (String)

The name of the Organization.

organizationResourcePath (URI)

The HTTP path for the organization

organizationUrl (URI)

The HTTP URL for the organization

user (User)

The user affected by the action

userLogin (String)

For actions involving two users, the actor is the initiator and the user is the affected user.

userResourcePath (URI)

The HTTP path for the user.

userUrl (URI)

The HTTP URL for the user.

visibility (OrgUpdateMemberRepositoryCreationPermissionAuditEntryVisibility)

The permission for visibility level of repositories for this organization.