A listing in the GitHub integration marketplace.



app (App)

The GitHub App this listing represents.

companyUrl (URI)

URL to the listing owner's company site.

configurationResourcePath (URI!)

The HTTP path for configuring access to the listing's integration or OAuth app

configurationUrl (URI!)

The HTTP URL for configuring access to the listing's integration or OAuth app

documentationUrl (URI)

URL to the listing's documentation.

extendedDescription (String)

The listing's detailed description.

extendedDescriptionHTML (HTML!)

The listing's detailed description rendered to HTML.

fullDescription (String!)

The listing's introductory description.

fullDescriptionHTML (HTML!)

The listing's introductory description rendered to HTML.

hasApprovalBeenRequested (Boolean!)

Whether this listing has been submitted for review from GitHub for approval to be displayed in the Marketplace.

hasPublishedFreeTrialPlans (Boolean!)

Does this listing have any plans with a free trial?

hasTermsOfService (Boolean!)

Does this listing have a terms of service link?

howItWorks (String)

A technical description of how this app works with GitHub.

howItWorksHTML (HTML!)

The listing's technical description rendered to HTML.

id (ID!)
installationUrl (URI)

URL to install the product to the viewer's account or organization.

installedForViewer (Boolean!)

Whether this listing's app has been installed for the current viewer

isApproved (Boolean!)

Whether this listing has been approved for display in the Marketplace.

isDelisted (Boolean!)

Whether this listing has been removed from the Marketplace.

isDraft (Boolean!)

Whether this listing is still an editable draft that has not been submitted for review and is not publicly visible in the Marketplace.

isPaid (Boolean!)

Whether the product this listing represents is available as part of a paid plan.

isRejected (Boolean!)

Whether this listing has been rejected by GitHub for display in the Marketplace.

logoBackgroundColor (String!)

The hex color code, without the leading '#', for the logo background.

logoUrl (URI)

URL for the listing's logo image.

Argument Type Description
size Int

The size in pixels of the resulting square image.

The default value is 400.

name (String!)

The listing's full name.

normalizedShortDescription (String!)

The listing's very short description without a trailing period or ampersands.

pricingUrl (URI)

URL to the listing's detailed pricing.

primaryCategory (MarketplaceCategory!)

The category that best describes the listing.

privacyPolicyUrl (URI!)

URL to the listing's privacy policy.

resourcePath (URI!)

The HTTP path for the Marketplace listing.

screenshotUrls ([String]!)

The URLs for the listing's screenshots.

secondaryCategory (MarketplaceCategory)

An alternate category that describes the listing.

shortDescription (String!)

The listing's very short description.

slug (String!)

The short name of the listing used in its URL.

statusUrl (URI)

URL to the listing's status page.

supportEmail (String)

An email address for support for this listing's app.

supportUrl (URI!)

Either a URL or an email address for support for this listing's app.

termsOfServiceUrl (URI)

URL to the listing's terms of service.

url (URI!)

The HTTP URL for the Marketplace listing.

viewerCanAddPlans (Boolean!)

Can the current viewer add plans for this Marketplace listing.

viewerCanApprove (Boolean!)

Can the current viewer approve this Marketplace listing.

viewerCanDelist (Boolean!)

Can the current viewer delist this Marketplace listing.

viewerCanEdit (Boolean!)

Can the current viewer edit this Marketplace listing.

viewerCanEditCategories (Boolean!)

Can the current viewer edit the primary and secondary category of this Marketplace listing.

viewerCanEditPlans (Boolean!)

Can the current viewer edit the plans for this Marketplace listing.

viewerCanRedraft (Boolean!)

Can the current viewer return this Marketplace listing to draft state so it becomes editable again.

viewerCanReject (Boolean!)

Can the current viewer reject this Marketplace listing by returning it to an editable draft state or rejecting it entirely.

viewerCanRequestApproval (Boolean!)

Can the current viewer request this listing be reviewed for display in the Marketplace.

viewerHasPurchased (Boolean!)

Indicates whether the current user has an active subscription to this Marketplace listing.

viewerHasPurchasedForAllOrganizations (Boolean!)

Indicates if the current user has purchased a subscription to this Marketplace listing for all of the organizations the user owns.

viewerIsListingAdmin (Boolean!)

Does the current viewer role allow them to administer this Marketplace listing.