A repository's open source license



body (String!)

The full text of the license

conditions ([LicenseRule]!)

The conditions set by the license

description (String)

A human-readable description of the license

featured (Boolean!)

Whether the license should be featured

hidden (Boolean!)

Whether the license should be displayed in license pickers

id (ID!)
implementation (String)

Instructions on how to implement the license

key (String!)

The lowercased SPDX ID of the license

limitations ([LicenseRule]!)

The limitations set by the license

name (String!)

The license full name specified by

nickname (String)

Customary short name if applicable (e.g, GPLv3)

permissions ([LicenseRule]!)

The permissions set by the license

pseudoLicense (Boolean!)

Whether the license is a pseudo-license placeholder (e.g., other, no-license)

spdxId (String)

Short identifier specified by

url (URI)

URL to the license on