Represents a Git blob.



abbreviatedOid (String!)

An abbreviated version of the Git object ID

byteSize (Int!)

Byte size of Blob object

commitResourcePath (URI!)

The HTTP path for this Git object

commitUrl (URI!)

The HTTP URL for this Git object

id (ID!)
isBinary (Boolean!)

Indicates whether the Blob is binary or text

Upcoming Change on 2019-07-01 UTC Description: Type for isBinary will change from Boolean! to Boolean. Reason: The isBinary field may return null when it cannot determine if a Blob is binary.

isTruncated (Boolean!)

Indicates whether the contents is truncated

oid (GitObjectID!)

The Git object ID

repository (Repository!)

The Repository the Git object belongs to

text (String)

UTF8 text data or null if the Blob is binary