Represents any entity on GitHub that has a profile page.

Implemented by


anyPinnableItems (Boolean!)

Determine if this repository owner has any items that can be pinned to their profile.

Argument Type Description
type PinnableItemType

Filter to only a particular kind of pinnable item.

email (String)

The public profile email.

id (ID!)
itemShowcase (ProfileItemShowcase!)

Showcases a selection of repositories and gists that the profile owner has either curated or that have been selected automatically based on popularity.

location (String)

The public profile location.

login (String!)

The username used to login.

name (String)

The public profile name.

pinnedItemsRemaining (Int!)

Returns how many more items this profile owner can pin to their profile.

viewerCanChangePinnedItems (Boolean!)

Can the viewer pin repositories and gists to the profile?

websiteUrl (URI)

The public profile website URL.