Ways in which to filter lists of issues.

Input Fields

assignee (String)

List issues assigned to given name. Pass in null for issues with no assigned user, and * for issues assigned to any user.

createdBy (String)

List issues created by given name.

labels ([String!])

List issues where the list of label names exist on the issue.

mentioned (String)

List issues where the given name is mentioned in the issue.

milestone (String)

List issues by given milestone argument. If an string representation of an integer is passed, it should refer to a milestone by its number field. Pass in null for issues with no milestone, and * for issues that are assigned to any milestone.

since (DateTime)

List issues that have been updated at or after the given date.

states ([IssueState!])

List issues filtered by the list of states given.

viewerSubscribed (Boolean)

List issues subscribed to by viewer.