Autogenerated input type of CreateBranchProtectionRule

Input Fields

clientMutationId (String)

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.

dismissesStaleReviews (Boolean)

Will new commits pushed to matching branches dismiss pull request review approvals.

isAdminEnforced (Boolean)

Can admins overwrite branch protection.

pattern (String!)

The glob-like pattern used to determine matching branches.

pushActorIds ([ID!])

A list of User, Team or App IDs allowed to push to matching branches.

repositoryId (ID!)

The global relay id of the repository in which a new branch protection rule should be created in.

requiredApprovingReviewCount (Int)

Number of approving reviews required to update matching branches.

requiredStatusCheckContexts ([String!])

List of required status check contexts that must pass for commits to be accepted to matching branches.

requiresApprovingReviews (Boolean)

Are approving reviews required to update matching branches.

requiresCodeOwnerReviews (Boolean)

Are reviews from code owners required to update matching branches.

requiresCommitSignatures (Boolean)

Are commits required to be signed.

requiresStatusChecks (Boolean)

Are status checks required to update matching branches.

requiresStrictStatusChecks (Boolean)

Are branches required to be up to date before merging.

restrictsPushes (Boolean)

Is pushing to matching branches restricted.

restrictsReviewDismissals (Boolean)

Is dismissal of pull request reviews restricted.

reviewDismissalActorIds ([ID!])

A list of User or Team IDs allowed to dismiss reviews on pull requests targeting matching branches.