API Previews

API previews let you try out new APIs and changes to existing API methods before they become part of the official GitHub API.

During the preview period, we may change some features based on developer feedback. If we do make changes, we'll announce them on the developer blog without advance notice.

To access an API preview, you'll need to provide a custom media type in the Accept header for your requests. Feature documentation for each preview specifies which custom media type to provide.

Open Source License Use

Support for retrieving information about open source license usage on GitHub.com.

Custom media type: drax-preview Announced: 2015-03-09 Update 1: 2015-06-24 Update 2: 2015-08-04


Prepare a GitHub repository for migration to GitHub Enterprise.

Custom media type: wyandotte-preview

Protected branches

Protect branches by preventing force-pushes and branch deletions, requiring status checks and reviews, and setting push permissions for users in an organization.

Custom media type: loki-preview Announced: 2015-11-11 Update 1: 2016-06-27 Update 2: 2016-12-08 Update 3: 2017-03-22

Source import

Import source repositories to GitHub with the API version of the GitHub Importer.

Custom media type: barred-rock-preview Announced: 2016-02-19 Update: 2016-05-03

Git signing

Verify GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) signed commits and tags.

Custom media type: cryptographer-preview Announced: 2016-04-04

Enhanced deployments

Exercise greater control over deployments with more information and finer granularity.

Custom media type: ant-man-preview Announced: 2016-04-06


Manage reactions for commits, issues, and comments.

Custom media type: squirrel-girl-preview Announced: 2016-05-12 Update: 2016-06-07


Get a list of events for an issue or pull request.

Custom media type: mockingbird-preview Announced: 2016-05-23

Repository invitations

Invite collaborators to work on your repository.

Custom media type: swamp-thing-preview Announced: 2016-06-14


Get more information about your GitHub Pages site.

Custom media type: mister-fantastic-preview Announced: 2016-07-06


Manage integrations through the API.

Custom media type: machine-man-preview Announced: 2016-09-14


Manage projects.

Custom media type: inertia-preview Announced: 2016-09-14 Update: 2016-10-27

Pull request reviews

Manage pull request reviews.

Custom media type: black-cat-preview Announced: 2016-12-14

Commit search

Search commits.

Custom media type: cloak-preview Announced: 2017-01-05

Community health metrics

Retrieve community health metrics for any public repository.

Custom media type: black-panther-preview Announced: 2017-02-09

User blocking

Users can block other users. Organizations can block users, too.

Custom media type: giant-sentry-fist-preview Announced: 2011-05-31 Update 1: 2016-04-04 Update 2: 2016-08-17


SCIM-enabled Identity Providers (IdPs) can automate provisioning of GitHub organization membership.

Custom media type: cloud-9-preview

Repository topics

View a list of repository topics in calls that return repository results.

Custom media type: mercy-preview Announced: 2017-01-31