The Pre-release Program

Pre-release launches allow you to begin applying new features and functionality to your workflows before they're officially launched. As we polish the project, your feedback will ensure the implementation works for as many use cases as possible when the project moves to general release.

Pre-releases are ready to be used to build real solutions that can be shared with your users in a pre-release setting, but they should not be used in full production situations. While we're confident in the direction of the project, there is a chance for announced breaking changes as we respond to feedback.

What to expect

  • We will provide a communication channel to provide feedback on how the project applies to and impacts your use case.
  • We will keep you informed as we assess and incorporate your feedback, and we'll strive to prioritize issues that may be blocking you.
  • We will consistently update documentation and provide at least 72 hours advanced notice of breaking changes (except in rare, urgent circumstances).
  • You will experience a secure, reliable, and stable solution with low potential for bugs.
  • We will provide GitHub's standard high-quality support as you apply the implementation to your workflows.

Getting started

In order to use any Pre-release program, you must accept the pre-release agreement for your user and/or organization. Once you've accepted the agreement, you'll have access to our Platform Pre-release programs.

All Pre-releases are listed on the GitHub Platform Roadmap. You can check there to see when we expect a Pre-release to move to full general release.

Providing feedback

We run the GitHub Platform Forum at You'll be able to collaborate with other integrators, as well as engineers and product managers from GitHub. To foster transparency and collaboration, the GitHub Platform Forum should be used for all discussions, bug reports, and requests. If you need to discuss a private concern, you can contact GitHub support for assistance.

Current programs

Currently, we don't have any Pre-release programs available.We may have earlier stage releases available through our Early Access program.