Render an arbitrary Markdown document

POST /markdown


Name Type Description
text string Required.The Markdown text to render
mode string The rendering mode. Can be either:
* markdown to render a document as plain Markdown, just like README files are rendered.
* gfm to render a document as user-content, e.g. like user comments or issues are rendered. In GFM mode, hard line breaks are always taken into account, and issue and user mentions are linked accordingly.
Default: markdown
context string The repository context. Only taken into account when rendering as gfm


  "text": "Hello world github/linguist#1 **cool**, and #1!",
  "mode": "gfm",
  "context": "github/gollum"


Status: 200 OK
Content-Type: text/html
<p>Hello world <a href="" class="issue-link" title="This is a simple issue">github/linguist#1</a> <strong>cool</strong>, and <a href="" class="issue-link" title="This is another issue">#1</a>!</p>

Render a Markdown document in raw mode

POST /markdown/raw


The raw API is not JSON-based. It takes a Markdown document as plaintext (text/plain or text/x-markdown) and renders it as plain Markdown without a repository context (just like a file is rendered -- this is the simplest way to preview a readme online).


Status: 200 OK
Content-Type: text/html
<p>Hello world github/linguist#1 <strong>cool</strong>, and #1!</p>