APIs for Integrations are currently available for developers to preview. During the preview period, the APIs may change without advance notice. Please see the blog post for full details.

To access the API you must provide a custom media type in the Accept header:


List repositories

List repositories that are accessible to the authenticated installation.

GET /installation/repositories


Name Type Description
user_id string The integer ID of a user, to filter results to repositories that are visible to both the installation and the given user.


Status: 200 OK
Link: <>; rel="next",
      <>; rel="last"
    "total_count": 1,
    "repositories": [
        "id": 1296269,
        "owner": {
          "login": "octocat",
          "id": 1,
          "avatar_url": "",
          "gravatar_id": "",
          "url": "",
          "html_url": "",
          "followers_url": "",
          "following_url": "{/other_user}",
          "gists_url": "{/gist_id}",
          "starred_url": "{/owner}{/repo}",
          "subscriptions_url": "",
          "organizations_url": "",
          "repos_url": "",
          "events_url": "{/privacy}",
          "received_events_url": "",
          "type": "User",
          "site_admin": false
        "name": "Hello-World",
        "full_name": "octocat/Hello-World",
        "description": "This your first repo!",
        "private": false,
        "fork": false,
        "url": "",
        "html_url": "",
        "archive_url": "{archive_format}{/ref}",
        "assignees_url": "{/user}",
        "blobs_url": "{/sha}",
        "branches_url": "{/branch}",
        "clone_url": "",
        "collaborators_url": "{/collaborator}",
        "comments_url": "{/number}",
        "commits_url": "{/sha}",
        "compare_url": "{base}...{head}",
        "contents_url": "{+path}",
        "contributors_url": "",
        "deployments_url": "",
        "downloads_url": "",
        "events_url": "",
        "forks_url": "",
        "git_commits_url": "{/sha}",
        "git_refs_url": "{/sha}",
        "git_tags_url": "{/sha}",
        "git_url": "",
        "hooks_url": "",
        "issue_comment_url": "{/number}",
        "issue_events_url": "{/number}",
        "issues_url": "{/number}",
        "keys_url": "{/key_id}",
        "labels_url": "{/name}",
        "languages_url": "",
        "merges_url": "",
        "milestones_url": "{/number}",
        "mirror_url": "",
        "notifications_url": "{?since, all, participating}",
        "pulls_url": "{/number}",
        "releases_url": "{/id}",
        "ssh_url": "",
        "stargazers_url": "",
        "statuses_url": "{sha}",
        "subscribers_url": "",
        "subscription_url": "",
        "svn_url": "",
        "tags_url": "",
        "teams_url": "",
        "trees_url": "{/sha}",
        "homepage": "",
        "language": null,
        "forks_count": 9,
        "stargazers_count": 80,
        "watchers_count": 80,
        "size": 108,
        "default_branch": "master",
        "open_issues_count": 0,
        "topics": [
        "has_issues": true,
        "has_projects": true,
        "has_wiki": true,
        "has_pages": false,
        "has_downloads": true,
        "pushed_at": "2011-01-26T19:06:43Z",
        "created_at": "2011-01-26T19:01:12Z",
        "updated_at": "2011-01-26T19:14:43Z",
        "permissions": {
          "admin": false,
          "push": false,
          "pull": true

Add repository to installation

Add a single repository to an installation.

PUT /installations/:installation_id/repositories/:repository_id


Status: 204 No Content

Remove repository from installation

Remove a single repository from an installation.

DELETE /installations/:installation_id/repositories/:repository_id


Status: 204 No Content