Enterprise 2.11

GitHub Enterprise supports the same powerful API available on GitHub.com as well as its own set of API endpoints. You can find a list of these endpoints on the sidebar, with the exception of the User Administration API, which is within its own section.

Endpoint URLs

All API endpoints—except Management Console API endpoints—are prefixed with the following URL:


Management Console API endpoints are only prefixed with a hostname:



Your Enterprise installation's API endpoints accept the same authentication methods as the GitHub.com API. Specifically, you can authenticate yourself with OAuth tokens (which can be created using the Authorizations API) or basic authentication.

Every Enterprise API endpoint is only accessible to GitHub Enterprise site administrators, with the exception of the Management Console API, which is only accessible via the Management Console password.


The latest release for GitHub Enterprise is 2.11. The GitHub APIs available to this release are located at /enterprise/2.11.

Documentation for the API that's bundled with the GitHub Enterprise appliance is available for the following releases: