Integration Partners

GitHub is a platform focused on empowering the developer tools ecosystem. This partner program provides a simple framework in which we can engage with developer tools companies who are building software on top of GitHub and are ready to start selling their tools to enterprises.

Benefits of partnering

We're focused on building relationships with partners that will help them grow into a leader in their space. Our benefits are focused on elevating their service as a premier tool in the developer ecosystem.

Here's a condensed version of our benefits:

  • Dedicated co-marketing with GitHub in the enterprise
  • Brought into our enterprise sales opportunities
  • Coordinated sales training with the GitHub sales teams
  • Preferred sponsorship opportunities at our conferences
  • Free GitHub Enterprise Server licenses for your team
  • Free GitHub certification of your application

Note: There is no application fee or program fee.

Requirements for application

Business Requirements

  • 5000 application users and at least 10 GitHub Enterprise Server customers
  • Information on your GitHub integration publicly available
  • Supports GitHub Enterprise Server and
  • One (1) public testimonial from a mutual customer

Technical Requirements

  • Use TLS
    • Anytime you display GitHub data in your integration, use TLS. If you also use webhooks to receive updated data from GitHub, use SSL/TLS there too.
  • Deleting old user data
    • Agrees to delete GitHub user data within 60 days upon valid request.
  • Uses the GitHub API best practices:
    • Uses webhooks when available, preferable to polling the GitHub API
    • Does not require more scopes or GitHub access than needed to perform intended functionality
    • Providing users the ability to delete their account via your service.

Provide the right contacts

We want to be sure GitHub can contact your team, if needed. Specifically, we're asking for:

  • A technical support contact
  • A business development/manager contact

Note: Both of these are for GitHub-use only.

Send us your information

Once you're ready, just send the materials over to We're looking forward to reviewing your application. You will receive a response from us within 10-14 business days upon submission. Upon approval, we will follow up with the next steps as well as schedule a meeting with your team.