Submitting your listing for review

You can submit your listing as a verified and unverified app for the GitHub community to use.

Once you've completed your app listing, you'll see two buttons that allow you to submit an unverified and verified app. The Publish without Verification Request button will not be available if you have published any paid pricing plans.

Unverified and verified request button

You can submit both an unverified and verified app. This will allow you to launch with a free version of your app. Once GitHub verifies your app, your listing will change from unverified to verified in GitHub Marketplace and GitHub will publish your new pricing plans.

Before you can submit a verified app, you'll need to integrate the GitHub Marketplace billing flows and webhook into your existing app. See Verified apps for the steps required to submit your app.

If you've met the requirements for a verified GitHub Marketplace listing and you've integrated with the GitHub Marketplace API, go ahead and submit your listing!

After you submit your listing for review, the GitHub Marketplace onboarding team will reach out to you with additional information.