GitHub Actions in the GitHub Marketplace

Note: GitHub Actions is currently available in public beta, which means you should avoid using it for high-value workflows and content during this beta period.

Features and requirements may change at any time during this period. You can request to join the public beta on the GitHub Actions page. If you're participating in the beta, please contact support if you have any questions.

In the GitHub Marketplace, you can use GitHub Actions created by other developers, or publish and share actions you've created. Learn the basics of GitHub Actions in "About GitHub Actions in the GitHub Help documentation," or learn how to create your own GitHub Actions.

Comparing actions and apps

GitHub Actions and apps both provide ways to improve your workflow and automate tasks in GitHub, but they each have their own strengths and solve different problems.

Publishing an action in the GitHub Marketplace

Anyone can publish an action in GitHub Marketplace as long as they meet the terms of service. Unlike apps, GitHub Actions listed in GitHub Marketplace are not verified by GitHub.