GitHub Platform Roadmap


We want to build the best software development ecosystem together. To help you prioritize what you work on and to share insight into our priorities, we've published GitHub's Platform Roadmap. This roadmap is a rough estimate of what we're focused on building in the near-, medium-, and long-term.

Placement on the roadmap represents our estimate of when each project will enter full production release. Some larger projects will land in your hands through Early Access programs in advance of their full release.

The items in the roadmap are subject to change or delay, so you shouldn't use this for major planning purposes. We'll do our best to keep the roadmap updated as things change. We'll revise the roadmap monthly to ensure it reflects our most up-to-date thinking.

Current Roadmap



  • Granular access permissions
  • Ability to connect at the Organization level
  • Allow access to only specific repositories
  • First class actors
More intuitive Integration rate limiting policies and improved troubleshooting
Webhooks for repository and organization administration
Webhooks for permissions and access changes
Webhooks for advanced Issue and Pull Request functionality
GitHub Services deprecation
Improved discoverability of Integrations within GitHub

currently available in Early Access or Preview

recently released


This roadmap is for informational purposes only, so you shouldn't rely on this information for major purchasing or planning purposes. Just like all projects, the items in the roadmap are subject to change or delay, and the continued development or release of a project on the roadmap is at the sole discretion of GitHub.