About GitHub Marketplace pricing plans and free trials

You can set up to five pricing plans for a GitHub Marketplace listing.

GitHub Marketplace pricing plans can be free, flat rate, or per-unit. All listings must have at least one paid plan, and pricing must be listed in US dollars. A customer pays for an app using the payment method attached to their GitHub account. For more information on setting pricing plans, see "Setting a GitHub Marketplace listing's pricing plan."

If the app you're listing on GitHub Marketplace has multiple plan options, you can set up corresponding pricing plans. For example, if your app has two plan options, an open source plan and a pro plan, you can set up a free pricing plan for your open source plan and a flat pricing plan for your pro plan. Each GitHub Marketplace listing must have an annual and a monthly price for every plan that's listed.

Note: If you're listing an app on GitHub Marketplace, you can't list your app with a free pricing plan if users are then converted to paid users on your own site.

Types of pricing plans

Free pricing plans are completely free for users. If you set up a free pricing plan, you cannot charge users that purchase the free pricing plan for the use of your app.

Flat rate pricing plans charge a set fee on a monthly and yearly basis.

Per-unit pricing plans charge a set fee on either a monthly or yearly basis for a unit that you specify. A "unit" can be anything you'd like (e.g., a user, seat, or person).

Marketplace free trials provide 14-day free trials of OAuth or GitHub Apps to customers. When you set up a Marketplace pricing plan, you can select the option to provide a free trial for a flat-rate or per-unit pricing plan.

About free trials

Customers can start a free trial for any available paid plan on an Marketplace listing, but will not be able to create more than one free trial for a Marketplace product.

Free trials have a fixed length of 14 days. Customers are notified 4 days before the end of their trial period (on day 11 of the free trial) that their plan will be upgraded. At the end of a free trial, customers will be auto-enrolled into the plan they are trialing if they do not cancel.

See Supporting purchase plans for GitHub Apps and Supporting puchases for OAuth Apps for details on how to handle free trails in your app.

GitHub expects you to delete any private customer data within 30 days of a cancelled trial, beginning at the receipt of the cancellation event.