Listing an app on GitHub Marketplace

After you've set up and registered your app, and completed the requirements for listing your app, you can list your app on GitHub Marketplace.

Note: After creating a GitHub Marketplace listing, your listing will go through a review process with GitHub before it's added to GitHub Marketplace.

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click your profile photo, then click Settings. Settings icon in the user bar
  2. Depending on the app you're adding to GitHub Marketplace, click either OAuth Apps or GitHub Apps.

    Tip: You can also add a listing by navigating to, viewing your available apps, and clicking Create draft listing.

    App type selection

  3. Select the app you'd like to add to GitHub Marketplace. App selection for GitHub Marketplace listing

  4. Click List this application in the Marketplace. Button to list an application on GitHub Marketplace
  5. In "Listing name", type the name of your app. Field for your listing name
  6. In the "Primary category" dropdown, select the category that best describes the main functionality of your app. Dropdown for the primary category of your listing
  7. In "Very short description", type a description of your app that will be shown underneath your app name in GitHub Marketplace. Field for a short description of your app
  8. In "Supported languages", if your app only works with specific languages, click and using the filter, type the languages your app works with. Dropdown for the supported languages for your app
  9. In "Introductory description", type a description of your app.

    Tip: Markdown formatting is supported. For more information on Markdown, see "About writing and formatting on GitHub."

    Field for an introductory description for your app

  10. In "Support URL or email", type the URL or email address users of your app will use in case of support inquiries. Field for the Support URL or email for your app

  11. In "Privacy policy URL", type the privacy policy URL for your app. Field for the privacy policy URL for your app
  12. For OAuth Apps, in "Installation URL", type the installation URL for your OAuth App. Field for the installation URl for your app
  13. Click Save draft and add more details. Button to save a draft of your listing and add additional details
  14. Read the terms of the Marketplace Developer Agreement and click Accept terms. Button to accept the Marketplace Developer Agreement terms
  15. If necessary, change any of the information in the "Basic information" section and click Save basic information. Button to save basic information
  16. Upload a listing icon and change the background color. For more information on icons and badges, see "Guidelines for creating a GitHub Marketplace listing." Button to upload icon
  17. If necessary, change any of the information in the "Listing details" section and click Save listing details.

    Note: You can add another category for your app in the "Secondary category" dropdown.

    Button to save listing details

  18. In "Listing screenshots", click Upload a listing screenshot to add up to five screenshots. You can drag and drop the screenshots to reorder them for your listing. For more information on screenshots, see "Guidelines for creating a GitHub Marketplace listing." Button to upload screenshots for your listing

  19. If necessary, change any of the information in "Developer links" and add additional information and click Save developer links.
    Button to save developer links
  20. In the Plans & Pricing tab, set your pricing plan. For more information on setting your pricing plan, see "Setting a GitHub Marketplace listing's pricing plan." Plans and Pricing tab
  21. In the Webhooks tab, add the webhooks for your app. For more information on adding webhooks, see "Adding webhooks for a GitHub Marketplace listing." Webhooks tab