GitHub Actions changelog

Note: GitHub Actions are currently available as a limited public beta, which means you should avoid using it for high-value workflows and content during this beta period. Creating workflows that use GitHub Actions is limited to private repositories during the limited public beta.

Features and requirements may change at any time during this period. You can request to join the limited public beta on the GitHub Actions page. If you're participating in the beta, please contact support if you have any questions.

The GitHub Actions changelog is a list of backwards-compatible changes, breaking changes, and new features during the limited beta period.

GitHub Actions can now have neutral status

  • October 24, 2018
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GitHub Actions can now use an exit code to indicate neutral status

To enhance the current failure and success exit codes that integrators can use in GitHub Actions, we're introducing a new feature to indicate when an action has a neutral status. Actions with a neutral status stop a workflow from continuing to execute. We've also added some new documentation about exit codes and statuses.