GitHub Actions

Note: GitHub Actions is currently available in public beta, which means you should avoid using it for high-value workflows and content during this beta period.

Features and requirements may change at any time during this period. You can request to join the public beta on the GitHub Actions page. If you're participating in the beta, please contact support if you have any questions.

About GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions allow you to implement custom logic without having to create an app to perform the task you need. You can combine GitHub Actions to create workflows using an action defined in your repository, a public repository on GitHub, or a published Docker container image. GitHub Actions are customizable and can use the GitHub API and any publicly available third-party APIs to interact with a repository. For example, an action can publish npm modules, send SMS alerts when urgent issues are created, or deploy production ready code. You can discover, create, and share your GitHub Actions with the GitHub community.

See "Customizing your project with GitHub Actions" to learn more about GitHub Actions and how to use the visual editor to create workflows.

Requesting access to the limited public beta

If you're not currently participating in the limited public beta, you can request to join the limited public beta on the GitHub Actions page.

If you're a participant in the limited public beta, please contact GitHub Support using our contact form and the subject line "GitHub Actions."

Rate limits

Rate limits apply to individual workflows. The current rate limit is 20 workflow executions per minute. If you need to run larger builds, you can run an additional 15 workflow executions in the same minute window.

We expect to update these rate limits as we expand the beta and better understand how beta participants are using GitHub Actions.

Discovering public GitHub Actions

You can write your own actions or customize your project with open-source actions shared in public repositories on GitHub. Explore public actions created by GitHub and other developers in the visual workflow editor sidebar or in the GitHub Marketplace.

Use or extend actions in the GitHub Marketplace or one of GitHub's pre-built actions, which perform common GitHub workflows like deploying code and publishing npm modules.

Publishing your action in the GitHub Marketplace

Once you've created your own action, you can make it available in the GitHub Marketplace for others to enjoy! For more information, see "Publishing an action in the GitHub Marketplace."